HI Hostelling International – Canada

HI Hostelling International – Canada

HI Hostelling International – Canada

Help all, in particular young people, gain a greater understanding of peoples, places and cultures through hostelling

By providing affordable accommodations for all ages, we strive to make travel accessible for people of all nations, but especially young people of limited means. Our hostel network enables travellers from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to share stories, learn about one another and create lasting memories. This kind of enriching experience encourages personal growth and cultural understanding and awareness.

Commitment to youth, cultural understanding and environmental stewardship 

Hostelling and respect for the natural environment go hand in hand, and HI-Canada is a leader in environmental responsibility in the tourism industry.

We promote peace and understanding.

Intolerance, ignorance and misunderstanding are the root causes of many of the conflicts and tragedies afflicting humanity across the world, from far-off lands to right next door. The youth hostelling movement has a role to play in making things right.

“We strive to bring together peoples of the world, so that sharing a meal, or wandering along a trail, they may learn to appreciate each other's viewpoint and outlook, and realize that we are a world brotherhood. “Our task is in short to promote world peace, not by treaty or statesmanship, but by creating in the hearts of the people of all lands a deep mutual understanding.” (Jack Catchpool, former IYHF president) 

Along with the stated purpose of hostelling, HI-Canada (as a member of the IYHF) also strives towards these goals on international, national and regional levels through UN initiatives and the sponsorship of world youth conferences, Peace and Understanding, themed travel talks, and like minded art exhibits.